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Plastic Moulding Companies Leicester

For the best plastic injection moulding Leicestershire solution in the UK, turn to Stephens Plastic Mouldings where quality and industry leadership surpass all expectations. Our capable staff offers the design and production of any plastic components required, no matter what the requested volume or industry use. We bring our experience and vast knowledge to the table to help walk you through the process from initiation to delivery ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your plastic injection moulding Leicester order.

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No matter what your plastic component needs may be, Stephens can do it. From design to precision machining, to project management, and more, we do it all! Our quality services are backed by our stellar reputation as a plastic injection mouldings industry leader – a reputation we have fully maintained for 20 years. We work hard to apply our expertise, achieving the quality results our customers expect on every order.

What is Injection Moulding?

Through the plastic injection mouldings process, plastic parts and components of all sizes are created through a precise and sophisticated process of heating, moulding, and cooling. The plastic base is barrel heated and poured into a specially designed and tooled mould. It is then set aside to cool so that the plastic will harden and adhere to the precise shaping of the desired component. Moulds are typically made from metal, making the removal process quick and painless. Plastic injection mouldings must meet client specifications precisely due to their use in a broad number of industries. Few industries requiring plastic components use any other method to create them aside from plastic injection mouldings. A reputable company like Stephens Plastic Mouldings uses skilled engineer to create plastic parts and products of all shapes and sizes, perfect for use in many industries from automobile manufacturing to fans to bottle and container manufacturing.

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