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Injection Moulders of Plastic

If you are looking for a comprehensive service, delivering high quality results in plastic injection moulding manufacturing, look no further than Stephens Plastic Injection Moulders!

Our expert injection moulding professionals can work with you throughout the entirety of your project, from its inception including design, technical drawings or R&D, through to the manufacture of your product on whatever scale you require.

Our twenty years of experience in the plastic injection moulders industry, working with a variety of clients, afford us the knowledge and proficiency to project manage every stage of the process and ensure a high quality product for you. Whether you require prototypes of the mouldings themselves or brand new plastic components or simply excellent reproductions of existing products, trust us to deliver precisely the product you need and to the standard you expect. We, at Stephens Plastic Mouldings appreciate the details that must be attended to and have the know-how to complete your endeavour.

What is injection moulding?

The process of injection moulders requires skill and precision. Industrial engineers and designers develop and produce the highly detailed mould for the desired plastic part from a sheet of metal such as steel or aluminium. Prototypes are often created in the first instance to ensure quality, after which the part can be produced to a high volume.

Thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic is heated in a barrel to a high temperature, mixed and injected into the metal mould where it cools and sets into the required form and shape. Injection moulding is the common process for producing many plastic items in the modern world; from simple items such as bottles and bottle tops or children’s toys and chairs to intricate components for car parts, whole sections of body work for cars, working sections for musical instruments, machines or pieces of machinery. Plastic injection moulding is the manufacturing process that produces them all.

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