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Plastic moulding company near Walsall

Here, at Stephens Plastic Mouldings, we offer our clients a complete, all-encompassing service that covers all the demands necessitated by the plastic injection moulding Walsall process. We are proud to boast twenty years in the injection mouldings industry within which our expert team has honed their skills working with a spectrum of different companies from varying sectors with widely differing needs from small, every-day plastics to highly intricate components.


Moulding company Walsall, Midlands

Our proven record in handling plastic injection mouldings of all kinds means we are able to offer the highest quality project management - taking care of every detail of your injection mouldings manufacturing process. Alternatively we can provide advice, guidance and expertise in specific areas such as concept designs and CAD drawings, R+D, producing prototypes and tooling of injection moulds. We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction on projects of any size and are able to deliver high quality results in injection mouldings production with any application.

"plastic injection moulding Walsall - idea to finished product"

Industrial engineers work with product manufacturers to design the mould, which can sometimes be extremely detailed and intricate. Then they tool the mould out of a sheet of steel or aluminium so that it forms the shape that must be taken by the plastic. In a barrel, they heat a plastic material that will liquefy such as a thermoplastic material and then force it into the metal mould so that it fills completely. As the plastic cools, it solidifies into the shape of the required product. This is the way most plastics are shaped.

















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Did you know that the process of plastic injection moulding is the most common for producing plastic consumables in the plastics industry?

Manufacturers of most plastic items use the method of plastic injection mouldings or producing parts of or even the whole of their products. Although the finished product is plastic, the mould that it is created in is metal.


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