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Plastic Injection Moulding

Stephens Plastic Injection Mouldings offers a complete plastic injection moulding process, where molten polymer / plastic is injected under pressure into a plastic mould tool to manufacture complex shapes and forms for many types of industry from automotive to medical, leisure to food preparation.

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Using the injection moulding plastic process can produce very complex designs utilising mould tools to manufacture many millions of components in an inexpensive way quickly cleanly and efficiently. If it's cosmetic parts that you require we can decorate the components to your requirements from adding Glitter to the polymer to adding labels during the process (in mould labelling) and of course, produce the parts in any colour you require. Where commodity plastic isn't strong enough for threaded component metal inserts can be moulded into the component.

Modern engineering polymers can be used for almost any application, even metal replacement. Metal replacement materials are exactly what they say, they replace the need for traditional methods where metal is required. Examples of this are hinges, engine components and high temperature applications.

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Examples of where plastic injection moulding is used:

  • Complete vehicle automotive applications

  • Lighting diffusers, lenses and components

  • Electrical fittings and housings (including flame retardant)

  • Food Packaging and containers

  • Soft touch and 2 shot moulding

  • Gaskets, Seals and diaphragms.

  • Printers, mobile phones, laptop cases

  • Bearings and mechanisms

  • Health and Safety applications, Riot shields etc.

  • Medical uses, such as beds, pacemakers, apparatus, syringes, limb replacement etc.

Furthermore with the addition of pigments, glass, UV stabilises, talc, antimicrobial, release agents, metals etc. the uses of plastic are unlimited. The list of where plastics can be used is almost endless and it's very safe to say whatever the purpose is, there is a plastic to meet even the toughest application and environmental conditions. Any waste generated by the moulding process can be recycled / re-granulated to be used again another day, ultimately at the end of the product life the material can be reused / recycled.

















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